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19th August 2014


mordantcuriosity said: Things were not that bad for me, but I am still so glad that I didn’t fossilise into gothness like a lot of people I know. I do like your Tumblr, though :)

thank you :x

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19th August 2014

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whoops, I spent the last hour looking at old pictures of goths. don’t do it to yourself, kids! it’s a lengthy exercise in ‘wow, that’s…my ex-boyfriend in a terrible skirt, I don’t remember him wearing skirts that terrible’ and ‘jesus I’m glad I never met that guy, what a fucking psycho’ and also, inevitably, ‘oh my god what did they do to you WHY DIDN’T SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING instead of encouraging you to go to fucking Whitby’ :|

ughhh. miserable. what a bunch of absolute cunts I used to call my friends.

18th August 2014

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.

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18th August 2014

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I am inhabited by a cry.
Nightly it flaps out
Looking, with its hooks, for something to love.

— Sylvia Plath, ”Elm,” The Collected Poems ( Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2008)

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18th August 2014


dawni42 said: ♪ Have a wonderful day!

! thank you!

Trobairitz (that’s my iPod) says : ‘Moon and Moon’ by Bat For Lashes

If I had you here, braid our hair together - I’d be boy and you’d be girl. Beautiful.

18th August 2014

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He once, I was delighted to read, had 13 cats. “I think I had more than that actually,” he says, rubbing at his head until his hair stands up. “I took some cats in. Well, they came to me, they wouldn’t go. Then they started to breed. I had a mother and a daughter and they both had babies. They kept multiplying. Now I’ve just got the two original girls who came seven years ago.” How did he cope? “It was kind of gorgeous. Animals crawling over everything, I was always treading on something. It was kind of great, I loved it.” He laughs, high, like a child.

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18th August 2014

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Freezepop | "Lose That Boy"

maybe you’re just one of those girls who likes jerks
and who am I to judge you, whatever works
I don’t really know you, you might be insane
I can’t help but think he’s not worth the pain

and not to be shallow or anything, 
but you’re way cuter than him too.

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18th August 2014

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Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.


Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.

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18th August 2014

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Richard Siken, “Black Telephone”


Richard Siken, “Black Telephone”

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18th August 2014

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